The Top Header of each section shows the search engine in which your rankings are appearing (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista, AOL, ASK etc.)

The column on the left titled: "Search Phrase," shows the phrases used for this ranking. These are phrases online searchers will type into a search engine when looking for the solutions and answers your business or Practice offers.

Don’t let the geo-targeted “extensions” confuse you. These are modifiers to the basic keyword phrase and are variations of the city, state and zip code we are targeting for you. Even though it makes the phrase seem odd, every single word in the overall phrase works independently of the rest of the phrase - and collectively as well. In other words, they do not detract from the basic keyword or keyword phrase - they enhance the keyword or keyword phrase and give the overall phrase more power to attract the best, most targeted prospects.

The next column is titled "Position." This shows the position of the ranking on the search engine results page, in the geo-targeted area where the phrase is targeted. For example, if the number in that column is "1", that means that ranking is the FIRST listing shown on that search engine results page if someone were to enter that "search phrase" into a search engine in that geo-targeted area.

If the number in that column is "3", that means that ranking is the THIRD listing shown on that search engine results page if someone were to enter that "search phrase" into a search engine in that geo-targeted area.

The third column titled "URL" shows the actual website "address" to which searchers will be sent if they were to click on the ranked position shown in the search engine results.

NOTE: Sometimes the third column will show "Full Page Advertising" instead of your actual URL (website address). This is a VERY IMPORTANT part of our proprietary system that creates ADDITIONAL sites that will direct the visitor to YOUR website from many different "portals" in our vast network. This system helps to improve ALL your ranked positions through the use of a unique linking strategy. The end result – potentially MORE traffic (prospective clients, patients or customers) to your website!


Here is a list of the order in which phrases normally get ranked in the search engines.

1. Long tail phrases get ranked first in the geo-targeted areas they are created for. (Long tail phrases are phrases with 4 or more words in them)

2. As your site and the network we build around it becomes more of an authority site, then the long tail phrases get ranked with every single word in the overall phrase working independently of the rest of the phrase. This will cause the phrase to show up in the geo-targeted area with and without the city, state, or zip listed in the phrase. And over time, the phrase will start getting top rankings in more and more geo-targeted areas.

3. Once the search engines recognize your site to be stronger then your competitors, then the short tail phrases will start getting the rankings.

All these things happen with time.


The easiest way to know how to read this report is to know how this report is generated in the first place.

When we gather information from the search engines to see if a phrase is on page one of the search engines, what we do is search from the geo-targeted area where that phrase is supposed to be ranked. We do this from what are called IP addresses throughout the world.

If a phrase shows up on page one in the search engines in the geo-targeted area where it is supposed to show up, then it displays on your report.

So if a phrase shows up in the #8 position on your report and when you look in the search engines, you see it in the #3 position, that doesn't mean there is anything wrong. It simply means in your area, the phrase is currently in the #3 position, and in the geo-targeted area, it was in the #8 position when this report was generated.

And if a phrase was just recognized by the search engines in the geo-targeted area it was intended for, it may not even show up in your geo-targeted area at the time this report was generated. This is simply a temporary situation that resolves itself in time.

Again, to repeat, over time all the rankings become more and more consistent in the geo-targeted areas you requested when you first started your campaign.

We hope this information helps you have a clear understanding on how to read this report.

And always keep in mind that if anything is a little confusing for you and you don't understand the material we are covering here, please feel free to contact us at any time. As you know, we're always here for you to make sure all your questions are answered, and that you are taken care of properly.